ComTek Software Systems  
BusyWin  (263+ Clearing Members)
Back Office Software for the members of
  • Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
  • National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE)
  • Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited.(MCX)
  • MCX Stock Exchange Limited (MCX-SX)
  • National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Ltd. (NCDEX)
  • Ace Derivatives & Commodity Exchange (ACE)
  • National Multi-Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. (NMCE)
  • Universal Commodity Exchange limited (UCX)
  • Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX)
  • United Stock Exchange(USE)
Segment Covered
  • Equity
  • Future & Options
  • Commodity
  • Currency
  • SLB And Mutual Funds
BusyCDSL  (50+ Users)
CDSL DP back office accounting software provides
  • Import Instructions (Auto PayIn File & CSV File)
  • Export Bill Data to merge into Broker Back-office Software
  • CDSL Audit Report
    • Dormant Report ♦ Highvalue Report ♦ Nominee Register ♦ POA Register
    • Inventory Slip Stock Report ( % wise used and pending stock).
  • Web Based solution also available
  • Two Step Verfication in Dormant & Highvalue DIS. 
  • DP57(Common Download File) & DPS8 / DPS9(Bomaster File) can be Import.
  • DPM3(Weekly Holding File) & DPM4 / DPM5 (Daily Holding File) can be Import & Compare.
BusySign  (30+ Users)
BusySign is a Software to send Digitally Signed Reports by email to your clients at a single click of mouse button.
  • Link : Sending the digital signed reports from Backoffice Software.
  • Security : No need to install digital certificate on all machine.
  • Centralise : Send Digitally Signed Reports from any terminal,Log are stored on Central Database.
  • Resource : Sharing of the resources with Backoffice Server, reduces Hardware and Manpower cost.
  • Storage : Files are compressed and saved hence saving harddisk space.
BusySMS is a Software to Send SMS to clients.
  • Transaction Detail/Summary
  • Bill Amount
  • A/c Balance
  • Receipt/Payment
BusyPFA is a software to Manage Investment Portfolio of your Clients and your Family members.
  • Covering Equity, Bonds, Derivatives, Commodity, Currency, Mutual Fund.
  • Multiple types of Portfolio (Investment, Trading)
  • Long Term P/L, Short Term P/L (Option for Priority Marking)
  • Trading & Speculative Profit / Loss
  • Investment Analysis (Sectorwise, Ratio Analysis of Stock & P/L)
  • Stock C/F Option with (Cost/Market/Average)
  • Depository Account Details (Inward/Outward/Stock)
  • Auto Download from Busywin Backoffice of ComTek
  • Data Download from CSV/HTM file (Other Software)
About BusyMail ?
It is an add-on product to send automatically Confirmation memos, Bills and Ledger files to clients from the Back Office Share Accounting software. It can be also used by Bankers, Mutual Funds, Portfolio Managers, Corporates etc. Bankers can send statement of Accounts to its customers. Mutual Funds and Portfolio Managers can send statement of Holdings to its clients. Corporates can send the Inventory position and outstandings to its dealers and debtors.
  • It splits the single spool file consisting of all clients information into mulitple client-wise files.
  • The software automatically composes the message with individual clients attachments.
  • It can also send common message with or without the attachments to all or selective group of clients.
  • The attachments are compressed/zipped automatically if required.
  • It fetches the email addresses from the email address master. The messages thus composed are sent directly from standard email software.
  • This saves precious time and money in communicating various information. No STD Calls, no fax messaging, no stationery wastage and minimal occupancy of the phone lines and manpower.
  • It is most efficient and quick transmitting of information using the latest e-technology.
  • The unique feature of this software is that indvidualised information can be sent regularly without manually fetching the information from the database and email address from the master.
About BusyWeb ?
It is Web based solution for the clients who are dealing in buying and selling of shares. The clients can independently login to the site and view their own outstanding positions. They can even download or take printout of the relevant data from the Web site.
Special Features
  • Digital Sign Document(e.g Account Opening Letter,Bill,Client Intimation,Collateral Confirmation,Contract,Balance Confirmation (Collateral),Deatail Confirmation (Demat),Ledger Details,Margin Report,Balance Confirmation (Demat)) can be download by client or Family
  • All Report Has Export Option In PDF(Portable Document Format),CSV,Excel Option
  • Demat Reports Also Shown
  • Cheque Request From Client and export That data to Busywin Back office
Salient Features
  • The Daily Transaction, Bills and Ledger information of each client is regularly updated on the web site.
  • Any information required/requested by Clients can be sent automatically from the Web Site.
  • Updated information is available to the clients round the clock without even contacting the Brokers.
  • Brokers are not at all disturbed by the frequent calls from the clients regarding their outstanding positions.