ComTek Software Systems  
BusyWin  (263+ Clearing Members)
Back Office Software for the members of
  • Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
  • National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE)
  • Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited.(MCX)
  • MCX Stock Exchange Limited (MCX-SX)
  • National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Ltd. (NCDEX)
  • Ace Derivatives & Commodity Exchange (ACE)
  • National Multi-Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. (NMCE)
  • Universal Commodity Exchange limited (UCX)
  • Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX)
  • United Stock Exchange(USE)
Segment Covered
  • Equity
  • Future & Options
  • Commodity
  • Currency
  • SLB And Mutual Funds
BusyCDSL  (50+ Users)
CDSL DP back office accounting software provides
  • Import Instructions (Auto PayIn File & CSV File)
  • Export Bill Data to merge into Broker Back-office Software
  • CDSL Audit Report
    • Dormant Report ♦ Highvalue Report ♦ Nominee Register ♦ POA Register
    • Inventory Slip Stock Report ( % wise used and pending stock).
  • Web Based solution also available
  • Two Step Verfication in Dormant & Highvalue DIS. 
  • DP57(Common Download File) & DPS8 / DPS9(Bomaster File) can be Import.
  • DPM3(Weekly Holding File) & DPM4 / DPM5 (Daily Holding File) can be Import & Compare.
BusySign  (30+ Users)
BusySign is a Software to send Digitally Signed Reports by email to your clients at a single click of mouse button.
  • Link : Sending the digital signed reports from Backoffice Software.
  • Security : No need to install digital certificate on all machine.
  • Centralise : Send Digitally Signed Reports from any terminal,Log are stored on Central Database.
  • Resource : Sharing of the resources with Backoffice Server, reduces Hardware and Manpower cost.
  • Storage : Files are compressed and saved hence saving harddisk space.
BusySMS is a Software to Send SMS to clients.
  • Transaction Detail/Summary
  • Bill Amount
  • A/c Balance
  • Receipt/Payment
BusyPFA is a software to Manage Investment Portfolio of your Clients and your Family members.
  • Covering Equity, Bonds, Derivatives, Commodity, Currency, Mutual Fund.
  • Multiple types of Portfolio (Investment, Trading)
  • Long Term P/L, Short Term P/L (Option for Priority Marking)
  • Trading & Speculative Profit / Loss
  • Investment Analysis (Sectorwise, Ratio Analysis of Stock & P/L)
  • Stock C/F Option with (Cost/Market/Average)
  • Depository Account Details (Inward/Outward/Stock)
  • Auto Download from Busywin Backoffice of ComTek
  • Data Download from CSV/HTM file (Other Software)
Main Features
About BusyWin?

When it comes to managing your business what one needs is a special kind of skill to understand and fulfill your finer needs.Who does understand it better than the pioneer in this field....ComTek!

A team of talented professionals, headed by Raju Shah, has developed that kind of superior, affordable and proven product, Busywin which can take care of your BackOffice systems for all the segments like Equity / Future & Options /Commodities / Currency / Mutual Funds.

Special Features
  • Institution Package : Auto generation of CP,CLD,OTR and EOD files
  • Arbitrage Package : Online Cumulative P\L using multiple methods after deduction interest and expenses
  • Auto online upgrade of Latest Versions
  • Demat :
    • Demat Stock Holding and Valuation Report
    • priority Pay-Out
    • Auto hold on Debit Account Balance
    • POA Pay-in linked with CDSL DP BackOffice
    • SpeedE,RCBDL,DP89 and DFRS files merging
What's New?
  • Auto SMS and email to clients
  • PMLA requirements and compliance isssue
  • Report Writer to generate MIS to analyse business trends
  • Audit Trail and stringent security features to prevent malpractice
  • Scheduled Auto Backup/Restoration and Data Locking
  • Single screen display for Client Status(across all Segments including stocks in Demat and CDSL DP)
  • Online Status of Pledged Stocks and its valution
  • Web based solution for clients' Portfolio Tracking
  • RTGS systems for High Value Transactions
Practical Problems & Solutions

Trading Hours demands speedy and effective BackOffice Software to absorb the work load. BusyWin is the Optimum Solution. All the drawbacks of the existing systems are taken care by BusyWin.

While developing BusyWin basic stress is laid on the areas where 90% of the processing and users' time could be saved. Unproductive & repetitive manual tasks are identified and handled judiciously.

Save Time, Save Money

Regardless of whether we realize it or not, time is truly our most priceless possession. The top achievers in life always knew this fact & they found different ways to invest time.

Understanding thar time is our most valuable asset, the first step to growth is getting more out of the time.

This importance of time inspired, us at ComTek, to create BusyWin the best way to manage and squeeze more out of time.

Salient Features
  • Auto Trade File selection for downloading and merging
  • Searching, Filtering & Defining a new Brokerage Slab from the existing one
  • Multiple Data Processing Steps combined into ONE Step to prepare Contract cum Bill
  • Online Checking for the SEBI debarred Cilents And Inactivr Clients
  • Online Checking of Client's outstanding balanace across all segments before releasing any payments
  • Audit Trail prevents malpracties and hence saves unnecessary time wasted in reconcilling
  • SMS facillity saves major communicating time
  • Quick Fund-wis quantity allocation in case of Institution Trades
  • Auto changes in Terminal ID and Arbitrage Codes in case of Arbitrageur Business
  • Monitoring Complinace issues
  • MIS generation needs no special skill with the built in Report Wruter
(Printing Time cannot be saved in any system,unless you head for a Paperless Office by sending digitally signed Contract cum Bill.)
Special Features
Client Master needs to be created specifying all the details of all your clients and define their Expense Slabs as per the understanding with them.
Exchange Charges & Other Expenses
Various methods of computations are provided for commission charges and other expenses incurred for the trades done by the clients. Also a statutory requirement of STT and Service Tax on Transaction charges is also covered in the Expenses & Charges.
All types of Margin computation methods are provided (eg . VAR Margin, Exposure Margin, Scrip-Wise Span Margin etc) Collateral Register is maintained and valuation at the closing rate with Haircut is provided for day to day Margining purpose.
Import Files
No Manual entries to be done wherever the files are available from the Exchange. The files may be in any form, text or CSV (eg. Trade Files, Closing Rate Files, Margin Files, Corporate Action File etc).
Data Reconciliation
Various type of auto reconciliation is provided in the software between the Exchange Database (like Obligation, STT, Margin statement MG 13 etc) and Buyswin database. In the Financial Accounting systems, there is an auto reconciliation done between the bank statement and the Bank book in Buyswin.
Printing & Data Export Management
  • User Defined reports and data file export to other standard software like Excel spread sheet is provided
  • Data sorting and Drill down facilities are incorporated in this software for easy access to any information within the database.
  • Data can be exported to various different types of formats
  • Cheque Printing facility and Combined Trial Balance across all segments is provided even if all segments are in different names of company.
  • MIS generation and monitoring the client’s outstanding position form the risk management point of view. Number of MIS reports can be designed by User with our Online Report Writer facilities.
  • Outstanding position is generated in file format which can be uploaded to the Front office Trading Terminal to monitor online Position of the client.
Security Features
Very stringent Security features and audit trails are provided. User-wise,segement-wise, menu-wise rights are provided. Data Locking while processing and data modification rights to users can be defined based on the responsibilities entrusted upon the users.
Branch Management
Branch Management is made much simplified as the Branch people can view and print any reports related to their Branch operation. Even the Accounting entries can be done by them.
Web Solution for Client's
Our BuysWeb module is provided for your clients to login and view their own bills, Contracts and outstanding positions and daily realized and unrealized Profit/ Loss Scrip-wise at any time from anywhere.
Detailed Features
Client Master / UCC Master
  • UCC creation in Back office & upload to Exchange / KRA (CDSL/ NSDL)
  • Export UCC details to CSV/ Excel file as required during exchange audit.
  • One time input of details like client address/ PAN Card Number/ DP details/ Bank details for all the segments.
  • Options for documents collected from client like(Photo, Pan card copy etc)
  • Brokerage Slab Help / Expense Master Help in combo box when assigning brokerage / Expense Slab to clients
  • Date-Wise History for Brokerage Slab, Expense / Charges, Interest Rates
  • Predefined Category for Client/ Account Master i.e. Client/ Own/ Institution / Broker / Subbroker / Cash / Bank / JV / DN / CN / GL Code / Expense / Income etc.
  • Copy Scheme Method (existing scheme of Brokerage, Expense etc can be assigned as it is, to New Clients with / without minor editing)
  • Multiple Allocation of Brokerage Slab / Expense Slab / Family Codes / Refund Slab, edit existing or close & create new Method.
  • Maintains Log of Any Change Made in Client Master by any user with date / time / username /machine name.
  • Document Management like PAN card copy/ Address proof / License / Password / Voter ID card / Banks Cheque /Telephone Bill / Electric Bill etc.(in Zip format)
  • Client Master Help shows only the list of Active Clients. Deactivated Clients are not shown in the Help after the effective date of closure of business.
  • Import & Export of UCC file from Stock Exchange for past UCC data.
  • Performance Report of the New Clients from the date of Activation
  • Client-Wise Option for STT charge, Service Tax -> Yes/ No/ Inclusive
  • Client-Wise Option for charging Span Margin/Exposure Margin
  • Group-Wise, Family-Wise view of clients
  • User Defined State for Stamp duty.
  • Financial Income Details of Client.
  • Clients Multiple Bank A/c Details
  • Cross Margin benefit marking
  • Add/ Edit/ Delete UCC details from Back Office software.
  • Warning if UCC details are missing and trades are done.
  • Client-wise Collateral /Haircut Scheme
  • User Defined Balance Sheet Groupings
  • Rights of Add / Edit / Delete to Branch / User
  • Client-wise Multiple Depository A/c Details
    • Account Number & DP Name
    • Direct Payout Marking
    • Hold Stock Marking
    • Hold Stock if A/c Debit balance etc.
Contract Master
  • Import of Exchange Contract master for Future & Options, Multi Commodity, National Commodity (NCDEX) with all script details i.e. Market Lot of contract Multipliers, Rate Divider, Unit etc.
Scrip Master
  • Combine Mapped scrip master for BSE / NSE / FNO
  • Sector Details for Viewing Sector-wise Investment Portfolio (eg : IT Sector, Pharma, Cement, Steel etc)
  • Provision for Mark for Collateral on Scrip is allowed or not
  • STT to be excluded from some scrip (Mutual Fund, Debt instruments)
  • Cut off Date Method for Change in Scrip Name / ISIN / Symbol.
  • Scrip-wise Haircut Percentage with cutoff date method
  • Scrip-wise Exposure Percentage with cutoff date Method
Other Masters
  • Sub Ledger Details for Viewing Ledger with Sub Group-wise View (eg: Telephone Expense A/c Ledger with sub total of all the telephone numbers)
  • Editable Predefined Balance Sheet Groupings with tree View
  • Settlement Calender with Trade Date, Bill Posting Date,Funds Payin-payout Date,Security Payin-payout Date. Import Settlement Master Files of Exchange.
  • Exchange-wise Holiday Master
  • Brokers Depository A/c Details Master For Managing Pool, Principal account with multiple depositories like CDSL, NSDL.
Brokerage Slab
  • Calculation Base (Market Rate, Strike Rate, Strike+Premium,Premium,Contract-wise, Client Turnover, Square off Turnover, Delivery Turnover, Gross Turnover, Scrip Turnover, Scrip Square off turnover, Delivery Turnover-wise, Day-Wise Minimum, Scrip-wise Minimum)
  • Square off Options(Both Side, Daily Square off, Daily 1st Side-Higher Side, Daily 2nd Side Lower Side,Delivery,Settlement Square off)
  • Slab View With
    • Brokerage Slab to Clients i.e. Slab-wise Client-wise
    • Client to Slab i.e. Client-wise Slab-wise
  • Minimum Rate per transaction
  • Rounding off Method 2 Digit & 4 Digit
  • Exchange-Wise Common/Different Brokerage Slab
  • Option-Wise (Equity / Future /Option etc)
  • Transaction Type-wise(Trade /Exercise / Assign / Delivery etc)
  • Group-Wise(Rolling / T2T / Auction)
  • Scrip-Wise
  • ShortCode & Full Description of Brokerage Slab
  • Copy of brokerage Slab from existing Brokerage Slab
  • Filtering of Slabs before opening new slabs.
  • Maximum 2.5% brokerage check in future & options.
  • Fixed Monthly Brokerage
Brokerage Slab
Refund Brokerage
  • Same Features as Above For Brokerage Slab Plus
  • Direct Refund method(i.e. Percentage From Gross Brokerage)
  • Different Percentage for Minimum Brokerage and From Actual Brokerage
  • Multiple Level Refund to sub broker / branch. (Any Number Till 100%)
  • Slab-wise Refund method.
  • No need to Open Refund Brokerage Slab Again, First Copy the Brokerage Slab and then change the percentage of refund.
  • Copy Refund Brokerage Slab From Existing Refund Slab.
  • Provision for multiple Level Refund from Office Brokerage.
Brokerage Calculation
  • Multiple Date Brokerage Calculation with single process
  • Multiple Groups Brokerage Process(Rolling / T2T etc) with Single Process
  • Single Client, Client Range Brokerage Calculation with Date Range
  • Brokerage Calculation Shows Details Report on How Brokerage is Applied to Client with Slab Details
  • Brokerage Calculation is not applied, or Brokerage slab is not assgined or client is not opended in client master.
Refund Brokerage Calculation
  • Exclusive Menu for refund brokerage calculation, for security purpose.
  • No need to reprepare the bills for refund calculation.
  • if refund menu processed 2nd time it gives the previous / Current Process difference, posting only after confirmation.
Family / Group / Branch Management
  • Multiple Level Family Branch Tree with Address & telephone Number, Contact Person detail of branch,sub broker
  • Branch Address is used as (Trading Office Address) for Printing on contract.
Expense / Charges to Clients
  • Calculation Basis (Market Rate, Strikerate, Strike+Premium, Premium, Contract, Clients Turnover, Square off Turnover, Delivery Turnover etc.
  • Predefined Expense Slab for Stamp Duty, Transaction charges and other statutory levies.
  • Per Scrip Minimum charges (For DP Charges), Per client Minimum charges.
  • Exchange-wise
  • Option-wise(Equity / Future / Option etc)
  • Transaction Type-wise (Trade / Exercise /Assign / Delivery etc)
  • Group-wise(Rolling/T2T/Auction)
  • Scrip-wise
  • Percentage Method & Slab Method (like Income Tax Slab)
  • Service Tax option on any type of Expense eg : Transaction charge
Expense Slab
Settlement File Merge
  • Merging of Settlement files of NSE /BSE
Trade File Import
  • File import of BSE -TR File, BR Data File, Auction Money Sheet, Odin
  • NSE - Txt File, CSV File, Odin
  • NSE FNO - Txt, CSV, FTP, PS03, ODIN
  • MCX Txt, CSV, Odin
  • Multiple Date file Merge Option
  • Multiple Type File Merge with Single Selection i.e. CSV, TXT Files both can be merged together.
  • Include, Exclude of Trades while Merging Files ( Client Code Exclude, Terminal Exclude and vice a versa)
  • Predefined Mapping for Changing Client Codes with reference to client code entered in Terminal with date-wise breakup( For Arbitrage)
  • Splitting of Transaction of Scheme-wise Breakup for Institution
  • Replacing Multiple Trades with Selection or with Query Condition
  • Summary View of Clients Day Position while importing trades
  • Group view with Scrip-wise, Client-wise, Terminal-wise
  • Showing Preview with New Client codes and Existing Client codes
  • Highlights New client codes without UCC Details,without Pan Details
  • Terminal Mapping with date-wise breakup details.
Institution Contract
  • Faster Process & Reporting. It takes Approx. 15 Minutes for 100 Contract in Auto Mode, from Trade Import to STP. Provided all the details like Scheme Details, Brokerage Slab, Market Rate Method are predefined and ready in software.
  • Multi User Support- Institution-wise processing can be done by different user.
  • Single Click Process to Create Summarize Contract of Institution / PMS / NRI Client's
  • Client-wise Market Rate, Brokerage, Net Rate Rounding Methods.
  • Change of Brokerage for single contract
  • Change of Brokerage of All Trades(Basket Trade) in a Single Click.
  • Change of Institutional Scheme of All Trades (Basket Trade) in a single Click.
  • Brokerage Lock helps accidental change of brokerage in reprocess.
  • All Types of STP Gate format(FT/ NSDL/ NSEIT)
  • Export of Data in CP & OTR File Format.
  • Single Click Transfer of Error Trades (Institution to Error account.)
  • Hand Delivery Marking ( Marking only to Summary Trade, No need to mark every details trade)
  • EOD Reports ( Customize reports for in Excel Format)
Margin File
  • MG13-MG14 import for (NSE Future & Options)
  • MG13 Import of (National Commodity Exchange)
  • Margin File import for Multi Commodity Exchange TXT File
  • Add / Edit View of MG13 File
  • MG13 file upload to exchange with A/c balance in Ledger A/c + Collateral Balance after haircut.
Span Margin Calculation
  • Span Margin is Calculated based on o/s position in our backoffice software.
  • Scrip-wise Span Margin
  • Scrip-wise Exposure Margin
  • Posting of Calculated Span Margin in Client's Bill
  • Cross Margin Benefit Calculation
Import Close Rate
  • Multiple Types of File Format Imports, BSE CP File, NSE MS / MD File, NSE FNO PS03 File,NSE FNO CN01 File, NSE FNO FO File ( Closing Rate File of Future & Options NSE from Internet), MCX Bhav Copy, NCDEX PS03 File
  • Add / Edit View of Closing Rate File, Options for Adding Closing Rate manually if File is not received
Corporate Action File Merge
  • Merging of NSE Corporate Action File For No Delivery Scrips
Add / Edit of Trades
  • Multiple Replacing of Codes, Selected Trades Code Change
  • Grouping View Code-wise, Scrip-wise, Terminal-wise,With Total And Sub Total while Making changes to the code
  • Total Subtotal client-wise / Scrip-wise / Option-wise for Buy / Sell / Brokerage / Service Tax / STT etc.
Reconcile Position / Money Sheet / Exchange Bill
  • Reconcile Money Sheet with Exchange for finding difference in Pay in pay out Scirp-wise
  • Reconcile of Outstanding Position, Client-wise and Exchange-wise in FNO
  • Reconcile of Today's Trade Client-wise And Exchange-wise.
  • Reconcile Exchange Bill With PS03 in Future & Options, Comparing Client-wise O/S position, Client-wise Transaction, Exchange-wise O/S Position, Exchange-wise Transaction.
Contract Prepare
  • Multiple Date Contract Prepare Option with Date Range
  • Multiple Groups Contract Prepare with Single Process (T2T, Rolling)
  • Shows Contract Register After Preparing Contract
  • Scrip-wise Contract Numbering for NRI Clients / Institutional Clients.
  • Digital Contract ( Html Format) & Physical Contract Printing
  • Plan Paper Contract
  • Single click sending digitally signed contract notes to client by email.
  • Digitally signed contract note download by client from web login.
Bill Prepare
  • Multiple Date Bill Prepare Option with Date Range
  • Multiple Groups Bill Prepare with Single Process (T2T, Rolling, Auction, Closeout)
  • Shows Settlement Control After Preparing Bills to find any discrepancy.
  • Drill down from settlement Control -> Bill -> Transaction
  • Bill Prepared in Summary Record for Saving process time & Space
  • Auto Posting of Security Payin - Payout Entry While Preparing Bills.
  • Optional ,Posting of Span margin, Exposure Margin in Bill
  • Before Posting of bills it shows the difference between Old posting & New posting and also shows the reason for such difference. Accept / Cancel Method for save changes.
  • Work Status Menu for completed / pending processes.
STT (Security Transaction Tax)
  • STT Computation as per Exchange norms and posted to client a/c
  • STT calculation as per client o/s and posted to client A/c
  • STT Comparison with Exchange Statement and Showing difference in STT with Client-wise / Scrip-wise details of turnover / qty / STT / delivery-square off etc.
  • STT Stored in Each Record in Trade file for printing on contract.
  • STT Certificate to client.
Cheque Printing / RTGS / NEFT
  • Running Balance Method / Payin-payout / bill to bill payment method.
  • All Segment view when cheque printing.
  • Option for posting entry in FA Ledger.
  • Branch-wise / Family-wise Total / subtotal of Bill Amount, Margin etc.
  • Showing All Segments Ledger Balance / Today's Margin in FNO / Collateral details.
  • Drill Down to Ledger
  • Export Results to excel
  • Cheque Printing on Single Cheque stationery ( DeskJet / Leaser Printer)
  • RTGS / NEFT as per banks format.
Security Pay in / Pay out
  • Posting of client's Buy / Sell Position while preparing bills
  • Direct Payout Format of BSE / NSE (Direct Payout to client / Hold in Beneficiary). Current Ledger Balance, Next Settlement Position etc. are shown while creating payout file
  • Merge & Reconcile with RCBDL / DFRS
  • Hold Shares in Client / Own Beneficiary account, Pool Account
  • Release of Hold Shares for pay in from all books in single click
  • Stock Reconcile with CDSL / NSDL
  • Inter Settlement, Pool to pool Marking
  • Gross / Net Delivery Order to Exchange (If Auto payin is not enabled)
  • Pay in of POA Client's (option to check with Back office DP Stock)
  • Early Pay in of Securities with Valuation Report
  • Warning if shares are released from Pledge account
  • Shortage transfer to Auction/Closeout
  • Internal shortage C/F to next settlement
  • Slip Printing, Data Export as per ( CDSL/NSDL/ILFS/SHCIL/HDFC) File format
  • Pay in / Pay out Report of Single/Range Statement
  • Third Party Pay in Report
  • Export of Client-wise Holding Stock in ODIN/NOW format
  • Ledger Balance shown while releasing Hold Stock to client.
  • Corporate Action Process of Hold Stock
  • Slip Book Master
  • Security Ledger confirmation report(HTM/PRN)
Special Features
  • Terminal Management ( With Expiry Date of NCFM. Location Detail)
  • Fixed Deposit/Bank Guarantee Master
  • Interest Calculation
  • Document Management in Electrical Form(Option Add-on Product)
  • MICR Master, DP Master
  • Contract Upload to BSE Web-x.
  • Daily Inspirational Quotes.
  • Transaction Detail, Transaction Summary (With all company combined, all date combined)
  • O/s Report with / without All Company / Segment Combined
  • Profit & Loss Report with/without All Company Combined, with Long Term, Short Term,speculative,realized unrealized details.
  • Sector-wise Profit/Loss report (Auto Industries, Steel, oil,IT Sector etc)
  • Delivery Report
  • Turnover Report(Square off Turnover, Delivery Turnover, Gross Turnover, Net Turnover, Gross Exposure, Net Exposure, Brokerage, Service Tax, Buy Turnover, Sell Turnover, Sell Turnover, with A/C Balance, Collateral, Scrip-wise Span Margin, Scrip-wise Exposure Margin, Scrip-wise Collateral Value with Haircut)
  • Margin Report ( For All FNO Segments with A/c Balance, Collateral, Scrip-wise Span Margin, Scrip-wise Exposure Margin, Scrip-wise Collateral Value with Haircut)
  • Bill View (multiple Date,Multiple Group,Multiple Segments) with a Drill till transaction Level.
  • Bill Register/Summary (Multi Date, Segments, Company, Groups with Family / Branch option with Ledger Balance)
  • Stamp Duty Report, State-wise, Client-wise,Date-wise,Group-wise
  • Service Tax Report, Date-wise, Client-wise, Group-wise
  • Brokerage Report with Detailed View of Sharing (Client-wise, Family-wise, Subbroker-wise, Date-wise, Multi date,Mult Segment)
  • Bill Printing on Normal & Preprinted Stationery with Summary Total of Each Scrip.
  • Contract Printing on Normal & Preprinted Stationery with Summary Total of Each scrip.
  • STT Certificate / STT Statement Printing on Normal & Pre Printed Stationery.
  • Voucher Printing, Cheque Printing, Contract / Bill / STT Printing
         All The Abover Reports have some common features like
  • No Need to create cumulative file for generating reports for the whole year.
  • Multi Date, Multi Group, Multi Segment View
  • Print / Export to file on Dot matrix printer
  • Export to HTML Format
  • Export to CSV/ Excel
  • Column Dragging
  • Column Sorting
  • File Can be Generated Client-wise or Group-wise
  • Column can be customized with Total / Subtotal for each tree
  • Run Time change of Grouping to View Client to Scrip to Client, Date, Company etc.
  • Drill Down from any report to next report till transaction level drill down with edit facilites.
  • All the above reports are made with built-in report writer (with minimal help one can desing his own reports with specific filter criteria.)
MIS Reports
  • Top Turnover-wise Clients list, Top Brokerage-wise Clients list
  • Net A/c Balance Across All Segments + Margin + Collateral Deails + DP Stock
  • Bulk Deal Report
  • Turnover Comparison Report with Exchange for finding maximum turnover of a Client in a Scrip vs. Exchange Turnover.
  • Client Funding Report.
Report Writer
  • Custom Report Writer for Selecting Columns for view / print
  • Sorting Column
  • Filter Column
  • Default Date
  • Default Company, Mult Company
  • Conditional Report
  • Some Reports are Transaction Details, Transaction Summary, O/s Report, Turnover Report, Demat Reports A/c Reports, Master Reports, MIS Reports etc.
Financial Accounting
  • Single Window for Reciept, Payment, Debit Note, Credit Note, JV, Opening Balance Entry, Bank/Cash Contra Entry
  • Inter Segment Fund Transfer (i.e. Transfer of Funds from BSE-Banks to NSE-Banks etc.)
  • Inter Segment J/V (e.g : Debit Client A/c in NSE, and Credit Client Ac in FNO)
  • Template method (Repetitive entries can be stored in templates for future use eg. Salary payment, VSAT charges to sub broker, interest payment entry etc)
  • Ledger Can be Viewed while making entry
  • Cheque Cleared Date in Entry Menu
  • Calender Help while selecting Date
  • Family Code in Each Entry For Branch Client
  • Sub Ledger Entry Provision
  • View of Entry List made by Specific user on Specific day
  • Import of FA Receipt / Payment made by branch / sub broker in FA from Excel.
  • Import of Fa Debit Note / Credit Note for Dividend etc. from Excel file
  • Entry Menu for previous year bank reconciliation pending entry.
  • Extract of A/c Entries in CSV Format
  • Editing of Entries from Ledger / Trial Balance etc.
  • User-wise Rights to Add / Edit / Delete Entries.
  • Locking of entry Book-wise & Date-wise.
Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet
  • Date Range in Trial Balance (Specific Period Trial balance) with Opening, Debit, Credit, closing Details.
  • Multi Company/ Segment Trial Balance (With Column & Row Option)
  • Different Grouping Mode Account Type-wise, Branch / Family-wise, Balance Sheet Group-wise
  • Drill down From Trial Balnace -> Ledger -> Transaction add/edit/delete.
  • Sub Ledger-wise Trial Balance
  • Ageing Analysis (days are based on parameters like 1-6 days, 7-15 days etc.)
  • Branch Trial Balance
  • Export Trial Balance/ Balance sheet to Excel, printing on Windows Printer.
Bank Reconciliation
  • Import of Bank Statement file for any banks like (HDFC, ICICI, UBI, BOI etc), any file format like CSB, tab,pipe,text etc.
  • Auto Process of Bank Reconciliation, Marking Method, Cheque Number-wise, Amount-wise, Voucher-wise
  • Single Screen (Combine View) of Bank statement and bank book
  • Generating Bank Charges Entry, Cheques Return entry from statement with just Right Click on entry.
  • cancelled Cheques are also marked against each other.
  • Manual Marking with Selection in Grid.
  • Entry Menu for Old Reconciliation entry.
  • Mark Method name stored against each entry for reference.
  • Statement View/ Bank book view with with Filter on Pending Entry, Marked Entry Manual Entry, Deposit, With drawal etc.
  • Drill Down to ledger from reconciliation for rectification of entry.
Financial A/c Reports
  • Multi Company Ledger View is Single Ledger
  • Drill down from Ledger to FA Transaction With Add / Edit /Delete Options
  • Drill down from Bill to Transaction with Add /Edit /Delete Options from Ledger
  • Sub A/c Ledger View
  • Cheque Cleared / UnCleared mark in ledger view
  • Ledger Confirmation in Printed format - HTML format for digital sign.
  • Export Ledger Entry in CSV/ Excel for Audit-Inspection Purpose.
  • Every entry in Ledger has username and last modified date/time details.
Collateral of Shares & Deposits
  • Collateral Inward & Outward of Securities & Fixed Deposits, Bank Guarantee, Cash
  • Warning of Non allowable shares are received as collaterals
  • checking of DP ID with Clients DP ID for 3rd> party Shares received as collateral Securities.
  • Collateral Transaction Register View with Client-wise, Scrip-wise, Allowable/Non Allowable-wise, Dp-wise (pool, Principal, Beneficiary)
  • Collateral O/s Position with Valuation, With Haircut, View with Client-wise, Scrip-wise, Allowable/Non Allowable-wise,DP-wise (Pool, Principal, Beneficiary)
  • Drill Down till transaction from o/s report, transaction report
  • Printing of Inward/Outward Voucher/Acknowledgment from entry.
  • Multi Company/Segment Collateral Valuation with Haircut.
  • Merging of VAR Margin File for Collateral haricut.
  • Details Confirmation for collateral transaction scrip-wise or Summary Balance Confirmation scrip-wise.
  • Security Register in HTML/Print format for Compliance.
Branch Management
  • Branch/User cna install the software on his machine and then connect the database server resides on Server with Internet/VPN
  • Receipt Payment entry can be done by branch
  • Bill Contract Printing, Ledger Printing, Cheque Printing
  • All the reports can be accessed by the branch and print on Dot Matrix Printer or Export to Excel.
  • Branch-wise Trial Balance, Turnover, Brokerage, Refund Brokerage, Client master.
  • Segment-wise Rights for Menu
  • Year-wise Rights for Menu( IF audit is done no rights to any user)
  • User-wise, Menu-wise, Add/Edit/Delete/View Rights
  • Software User Rights based on date & time
  • Blocking of user after some date or for some time when maintenace is due.
Other Features
  • Export of Trades to CSV for any PFA software
  • Auto Backup/Restore data
  • Copy Data to Arbitrage software.
  • Auto file Pickup from Ftp Servers (NSE)
Software Support
  • Automatic Download of New Version (no Need to Download zip & the unzip)
  • Auto Update of Version on Every Machine.
  • Rollback to Previous Version in case of Bug.
  • Instant support with Remote Viewer Software.
  • Live Support on Static IP
  • Online update for Corporate Action
  • Online update Holiday Master
  • Online update for Expiry Change in Future & Options
  • Experienced & Knowledgeable Programmer & Support Team
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